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CYREN EmailSecurity provides worry-free email communication for your business with the best threat catch rates in the industry and “SaaS simple” administration. The global subscription service works as an upstream email server in the cloud for on-premise or cloud-based business e-mail, and is deployed easily for your corporate email with a simple change to your MX Record.

Our industry-leading combination of high detection rates and low false positives means that essential business communications always make it through to the inbox, but threats do not.

CYREN EmailSecurity blocks threats and protects your infrastructure and your users’inboxes with:

AntiMalware — Industry-leading protection against “zero hour” outbreaks and known viruses, worms, and trojans sent via email. New malware is identified immediately when it first appears. To achieve the highest possible level of protection, CYREN combines two different engines that, together, offer optimum virus protection.

AntiPhishing—Users have continuous, instant protection against compromise of their corporate accounts by hijacked websites, “zero-hour” phishing attacks, and fake URLs masquerading as legitimate websites.

AntiSpam—CYREN AntiSpam offers filtering and email categorization based on ‘fingerprint’ comparisons, enabling precise differentiation between unwanted spam and legitimate bulk email such as newsletters. CYREN fingerprinting technology and advanced heuristics combine with our “Big Data” cloud platform to provide accurate spam and phishing classifications based on a unique global view with unrivaled breadth and depth.

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Global Sophistication, European Privacy Compliance CYREN EmailSecurity is backed by a company with proven excellence in global threat protection and global operations, with an elastic security cloud operated across 19 global data centers and reaching into 200 countries. As a sophisticated global service with European roots, CYREN EmailSecurity is fully compliant with European privacy law and is effective with foreign languages and character sets.

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