Managed Cloud Services

Level 8 Solutions will help any sized business Architect, Implement and Migrate their on premise systems to a highly available virtual private cloud solution. Level 8 Solutions recommends Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure/Office365 but we can assist with other cloud platform should you have a preferred vendor.


Level 8 Solutions will work with you to design cloud solutions that fit your business taking into consideration high availability, data security, performance, connectivity and running costs. Below is an overview but not limited to some of the options that Level 8 Solutions will architect and deliver for you.

Cloud Services Options

Multi Availability Zones for High Availability.
Multi Regional Replication for Offsite backups or DR.

Riverbed Wan Optimisation.
SilverPeak Wan Optimisation.

VPN to local onsite premise including procurement and setup of any firewalls required on premise.
Direct Connect Services for dedicated bandwidth to your cloud virtual cloud platform.

Cisco ASA for added security, User VPN or dynamic NAT
Or Cisco CSR for added security, User VPN or dynamic NAT.

Amazon CloudFront for global website caching.
Amazon Route53 and/or CloudFront for geo targeting.

Amazon Workspaces for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).
Amazon WAM for Desktop Apps



Once we have agreed the correct solutions that fit your business needs Level 8 Solutions will use a team of experts to fully implement the architecture and then carry out the following system tests.

Cloud Services Options

Stability testing.
load and performance testing.

System restore tests.
Data recovery tests.

Local Availability Zone Failover testing. (If Applicable)
Disaster Recovery tests. (If Applicable).

Connectivity and Wan Throughput tests
Proactive monitoring tests

System Migration process tests
Data Migration timings.



Once we have agreed that the systems are ready to be migrated too Level 8 Solutions will work with your business to migrate users and data to the cloud platform with minimal downtime to your business,

Monitoring and Support

Once the Virtual Private Cloud is fully implemented, Level 8 Solutions can optionally proactively monitor the systems to ensure they stay healthily are performing well and do not run out of capacity. Should systems go offline our monitoring systems will inform us and we will immediately work on the problem to restore services. If your users are experiencing any difficulties then just log a call with us and we will rectify the problems for you.


Not all systems in the cloud are automatically patched and updated so Level 8 Solutions can optionally upgrade all your systems. Update schedules can be agreed by yourself so impact to your business is minimised and if your implementation is a multi-zoned highly available system then no or little downtime is required.