Through patented SIM software technology and a uniquely powerful architecture, BlackStratus SIEM Storm provides the sophisticated capabilities you need from a SIM solution, but without the complexity of deployment and resource demands of existing SIM solutions. Plus, BlackStratus SIEM Storm enables you to scale the solution easily, so you can expand your security management needs as your business grows. With an unprecedented level of automation, real-time monitoring, enterprise-wide visibility, and actionable intelligence, BlackStratus SIEM Storm empowers you to continually ensure the integrity and privacy of your critical data.

Real-time Threat Identification Ensures a Rapid Response.

BlackStratus SIEM Storm uses real-time threat identification technology to rapidly sift through massive amounts of security data and extract the relevant information you need to protect your most valuable assets. By tying together diverse and disparate events across the network, BlackStratus SIEM Storm uncovers suspicious patterns and anomalies that would otherwise be missed. State-of-the-art visualization and reporting enables you to identify, track, and analyze incidents, and delivers actionable security information to the appropriate people before the threat becomes a costly attack. An integrated remediation workflow ensures an effective and consistent response.

Address Compliance Requirements Cost-effectively.

BlackStratus SIEM Storm addresses a multitude of regulations based on industry standards such as COBIT – so you can successfully and cost-effectively demonstrate a sound framework for the most important aspects of regulatory compliance. A comprehensive suite of monitoring, analysis, and reporting tools ensures that you can monitor the performance and effectiveness of your security controls. With comprehensive compliance reporting, you have the documentation you need to meet auditors’ demands. Unlike other SIM solutions, BlackStratus SIEM Storm provides a clearly defined and repeatable process to ensure the quick and accurate handling of security incidents.

As your organization grows in size and complexity, you must have the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively extend your SIM solution. That’s why we designed BlackStratus SIEM Storm to easily scale right along with your changing business requirements, dramatically reducing your total cost of ownership. Because your growing SIM infrastructure easily incorporates data from new devices, applications, and databases, you can also scale your comprehensive security visibility.
BlackStratus SIEM Storm makes scalability possible because it’s the only SIM solution built on a multi-tiered, distributed architecture. The BlackStratus SIEM Storm architecture also delivers the full failover and redundancy required to ensure that analysts and operators are never down. This means you never miss events that might constitute policy or regulatory compliance violations – or events that can cause downtime and information loss.

Multiple Correlation Technologies Ensure that Threats are Identified Rapidly.

BlackStratus SIEM Storm identifies suspicious patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. Multi-dimensional correlation delivers unprecedented security visibility by tying together diverse security activities across the network. BlackStratus SIEM Storm is designed to efficiently process the high volume of data that comes from security and network devices, core applications, and databases. Only BlackStratus SIEM Storm provides this powerful, all-in-one correlation capability for addressing historical, real-time, and potential threats.

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BlackStratus SIEM Storm provides a complete view of enterprise security posture and rapidly identifies suspicious patterns of activity that would otherwise go unnoticed. Multiple views of actionable security information are tightly integrated with reporting and analytics to intuitively pinpoint threats in real-time.