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Sophos began producing Anti-Virus and Encryption in the UK nearly 30 years ago. With their Global Headquarters still located in Oxford, Sophos secure networks for 100 million users worldwide. Their motto of "Security Made Simple" shows that whilst securing your network is becoming more complex, the solution does not need to be.

Level 8 Solutions partner with Sophos to be able to bring you solutions that will fit your requirements, from Next Generation Firewalls (XG Firewall)  to Complete End User Protection. 

Sophos Solutions are unlike any others. Using Sophos Security Heartbeat, your Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos End Point Protection can communicate to give a full health status which will include being able to pin point and isolate infected devices on your network.

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Synchronise your Security with Sophos & Level 8 Solutions! 

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