Sophos Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X - A Completely New Approach to Endpoint Security

Sophos Intercept X is an advanced next-generation endpoint detection and response platform offering signatureless exploit prevention, stopping malicious threats and exploits, including zero-day and ransomware. It delivers advanced remediation, removing malware that other vendors miss, and provides an end-to-end forensic level view of an attack in a straightforward way that doesn’t require a security expert to understand.

Top Sophos Intercept X Features

Sophos Intercept XStop advanced threats from infiltrating your systems. Focusing on common, often-used techniques where malicious exploits occur, Sophos Intercept X distinguishes itself from traditional security by being 100% next-gen.
Sophos Intercept XShut down ransomware before it can take hostages. Sophos Intercept X includes CryptoGuard, which not only halts all ransomware variants, but can roll back changes to affected files.
Sophos Intercept XSignatureless exploit prevention guarantees modern protection. A powerful, signature-free level of protection ensures that Sophos Intercept X is always ahead of the curve in detecting unknown threats.
Sophos Intercept XComprehensible threat insight and root cause analysis. Easy to understand and easy to activate, Sophos Intercept X provides detailed root-cause intelligence and a 360-degree visualization of the attack chain.
Sophos Intercept XAutomated remediation and malware removal. Sophos Intercept X includes Sophos Clean, which provides advanced detection and malware removal other vendors miss.

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