Sophos XG FW

Sophos XG Firewall

The Sophos XG Next Generation Firewall offers unrivaled Security, Simplicity and Insight!!

Sophos XG Features - (The features you won't find anywhere else)

- Full protection suite of network, wireless, IPS, VPN, web, app, email, and web application firewall technology

- Automatically identify and isolate infected systems on your network until they can be cleaned up

- Unprecedented visibility, including user and application risk, with traffic-light style indicators and rich reporting

- Unified policy management that makes powerful policies and rule sets easy and intuitive

- Industry-leading performance at every price point with XG Series hardware appliances utilising FastPath

Sophos XG Features

XG Firewall not only monitors host network activity, but also receives health status directly from your endpoints so you have constant visibility into the health of your entire network

XG Firewall instantly alerts you to compromised systems on your network with full details including the IP address, the user, and the process, so you're not left digging for information.

XG Firewall uniquely integrates the health of connected hosts into your firewall rules, enabling you to automatically limit access to sensitive network resources from any compromised system until it's cleaned up.

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