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100% Cloud Managed WIFI that Simply Works

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Wireless Deployments made Simple

wifi logo  Configure Wireless Network Settings in Dashboard
wifi logo  Mount and Plug in Access Point
wifi logo  AP's download the configuration from the cloud automatically
wifi logo  AP's self-optimise RF for peak performance

If you are looking for a flexible, secure Wireless infrastructure with great in depth visibilty, Cisco Meraki ticks all the boxes!

Below is an Introduction to Cloud Managed WIFI Webinar

  Level 8 Solutions are partners with Cisco Meraki and are able to offer a solution that is 100% Cloud based with fantastic visibility of ALL your Meraki devices from a Single Dashboard. With models to suit all requirements, including indoors, outdoors and 802.11ac Wave 2 –  Allow Level 8 Solutions to determine the right solution for your needs.

Secure your Wireless Airspace with Air Marshall, Cisco Meraki's built in Wireless intrusion  detection and prevention system. Air Marshall can send Alerts and contain Malicious Rogue AP's  automatically. Air Marshall is  included as part of Meraki Enterprise Licence.


If you are interested in how Cisco Meraki WIFI can help in your environment and would to like arrange a chat with a Technical Pre-Sales Engineer or a demo, please call 0345 257 0108 or email