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Traffic Flow – An Insight in the traffic on your Network

What's Happening on Your Network?
Do you actually know?

Data passing across your network, is normal. Actually, it’s essential, otherwise what’s the point in having a network in the first place?

What is that traffic and who is sending it? These are questions that Network Administrators everywhere ask, especially if complaints of response issues start coming through.

  • Do you know what traffic is traversing your Network?
  • Is it the type of traffic you want to allow?
  • Do you have issues where at certain times of the day you experience performance degradation?
Applying Quality of Service (QoS) to network devices can assist in allowing time critical traffic (Voice, Video etc) to be given priority, and this is definitely recommended where possible.

What can you do when you want to determine who is streaming the latest series of Game of Thrones on the Web, or is downloading those 12Gb patches during business hours?

If you have flow-enabled devices, such as Cisco devices using NetFlow or HP devices using SFlow, then you need something to collect the information and present it so you can understand it.

This is where WhatsUp Gold’s Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) comes in. As a plugin for the base WhatsUp Gold Application, NTA inspects the flow traffic and produces easy to understand output showing a variety of information, including Source / Destination / Ports / Protocol / Errors.

NTA can be configured to alert on various thresholds. Get alerts sent when interface utilisation goes above thresholds or if Senders/Receivers exceed thresholds configured. This allows you to be pro-active and eliminate issues before that have long-lasting impact on your users.

Released in Version 2019, NTA now has a IP Reputation Library, which allows you to use static and/or dynamic lists which can categorise network traffic as suspicious. The library is prepopulated with IP Addresses known to be in use by TOR. These lists can be edited to allow you to add additional IP Addresses.


Level 8 Solutions can offer demonstrations of NTA (or any of the WhatsUp Gold / MOVEit Products from Progress) so you can see it first-hand. Or try an evaluation on the link below

WhatsUp Gold Evaluation Link

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