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Ipswitch WS_FTP™ Server is a highly secure, fully featured and easy-to-administer file transfer server for Microsoft Windows® systems. WS_FTP Server lets you create a host that makes files and folders on your server available to other people. Users can connect (via the Internet or a local area network) to your host, list folders and files, and (depending on permissions) download and upload data. Administrators can control access to data and files with granular permissions by folder, user, and group. Administrators can also create multiple hosts that function as completely distinct sites.

WS_FTP Server is proven and reliable. It is used by administrators globally to support millions of end users and enable the transfer of billions of files.

WS_FTP Server complies with the current Internet standards for FTP and SSL protocols. Users can connect to the server and transfer files by using an FTP client that complies with these protocols.

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12 June 2019


Secure File Transfer
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