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Ipswitch Authorised Training Centre (ATC)



An intensive four-hour training course led by experienced instructors who guide you on how to use WhatsUp Gold to deliver optimum value to your organisation.

You will learn how to manage and execute the WhatsUpGold Installation and System Requirements Network/Server Administrators Big 5 Tasks:

  • Discovery
  • Network Maps
  • Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Reports and Dashboards


An intensive four-hour training course that teaches best practices for configuring WhatsUp Gold. Led by experienced instructors, you will discover new features to strengthen your WhatsUp Gold deployment.

Topics include:

  • Advanced training on protocols, credentials, monitor actions, and device roles
  • A deeper dive into the Big 5 tasks (Discovery, Network Maps, Monitoring, Alerts & Reports and Dashboards)
  • A review of basic system administration


This course is designed for WhatsUp Gold (WUG) Administrators looking to develop new skills, enhance their current expertise and become a WUG Power User. During this intensive, online hands-on class, you will grow your product knowledge and apply best practices in Ipswitch's Virtual Lab environment.
Learn best Practices and the essential components of the WUG Product:

  • Prepare your network and how to use protocols and credentials
  • Actively and passively monitor your network and its performance
  • Manage actions and action policies
  • Configure device discovery roles
  • Define device states, create layer 2 mapping and understand advanced mapping technologies
  • Fine tune performance monitors and alerts
  • Bring it all together: test your actions, manage reoccurring actions, customise dashboards, run reports


An all-in-one course that elevates the novice WUG user to an expert level. An alternative learning choice to the combination of “Getting Started,” “Power Boost,” and “Power User” courses, this is an intensive, three-day course that provides you with the practical knowledge and problem-solving skills you need to carry out your most important network management tasks using the WUG product and its plug-ins.

This training, features a series of practical, technically rich lessons within the context of real-life scenarios and thought-provoking hands-on lab exercises.

Learn advanced "how to" lessons and best practices to expertly manage your WUG product and its essential components:

  • Inventory & map your network devices & connections
  • Monitor devices, remotes sites, and statistics of a virtual host
  • Assess network and server performance and identify issues
  • Create alarms, actions and alerts
  • Build reports and custom dashboards
  • Perform system administration and maintenance

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