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WhatsUp Gold Training

Ipswitch Authorised Training Centre (ATC)



An intensive four-hour training course led by experienced instructors, designed for Users starting out with WhatsUp Gold, who want to get the most out of their product

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  • Preparation for discovery
  • IP address or Seed scans?
  • Discovering AWS, Azure & Meraki
  • Discovering virtual, wireless & storage
  • Proper use of credentials
  • Determining optimal run times

Interactive Network Map

  • Interpreting the map layout
  • Device Roles and status
  • Monitor status
  • Active scans
  • Reading Device Cards
  • Device properties details

Actions and Analysis

  • Defining actions and policies
  • Alerting preferences
  • Automated Actions
  • Network health analysis
  • Customising dashboards


  • Understanding device states
  • Monitoring options
  • Performance monitoring

Basic Administration

  • Groups, users and email settings


Designed for those users with experience of WhatsUp Gold, this four hour course, will enable them to improve their network monitoring skills. If you have been using WhatsUp Gold but are looking to further enhance your knowledge and learn best practices, this is an ideal course.

To reserve your no obligation spot, please click on the button below.
  • Preparing your network for discovery
  • Administrative functions for users, groups, access controls and email settings
  • Best-practices to ensure security through external user authentication and user groups definition
  • Device states, device groups, device dependences and advanced mapping features
  • Improving your Alerting notification policies, thresholds and blackout libraries
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring and how to combine elements of WhatsUp Gold to fine tune your alerts
  • Practical strategies to prevent Alert Storms
  • Dashboard customisation best-practices to provide exactly the information you need, where and when you need it


This 1 1/2 day course is designed for WhatsUp Gold (WUG) Administrators looking to develop new skills, enhance their current expertise and become a WUG Power User. During this intensive, online hands-on class, you will grow your product knowledge and apply best practices in Ipswitch's Virtual Lab environment.
Learn best Practices and the essential components of the WUG Product

  • How to actively monitor the network and its performance
  • Leveraging scripting to extend abilities of active and performance monitors
  • Advanced uses of actions and action policies
  • Custom device states
  • Custom dynamic groups
  • Fine tuning performance monitors and alerts


An all-in-one course that elevates the novice WUG user to an expert level. An alternative learning choice to the combination of “Getting Started,” “Power Boost,” and “Power User” courses, this is an intensive, three-day course that provides you with the practical knowledge and problem-solving skills you need to carry out your most important network management tasks using the WUG product and its plug-ins.

This training, features a series of practical, technically rich lessons within the context of real-life scenarios and thought-provoking hands-on lab exercises.

Learn advanced "how to" lessons and best practices to expertly manage your WUG product and its essential components

  • Document your network
  • Map the network and connections
  • Monitor and assess the performance of your network
  • Administrative functions for users, groups, access controls and email settings
  • Create alarms, actions and alerts
  • How to leverage reports and dashboards
  • System administration and maintenance
  • Monitoring virtual host statistics
  • Identifying network and server performance issues.

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