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Visualise Network Traffic, Identify Issues & Prevent Cyber Incidents

Reduce risk and improve your resilience across your on-prem, hybrid and cloud with intelligent network visibility and security monitoring.

Protect your business from
modern threats


Threat Hunting

Uncover ransomware attacks, unknown threats and early incident of compromise before they can impact your business.

Analyse malicious activity and investigate the root cause with a state-of-the-art solution based on AI & ML.


Forensic Analysis

Leverage response in autonomous way to enhance containment and eradication of cyber threats.

Collect, store and retrieve all network security data to deep analysis for better cybersecurity resilience.

Control your network with full
visibility & decisive Intelligence

Complete Insight

Gain comprehensive visibility into your entire hybrid & cloud environment. Get a holistic overview of your network with detailed insights.

Performance Indicators

See performance degradation and distinguish between delays caused by the network itself and delays caused by applications and services.

Troubleshooting & Analysis

Indispensable Anomaly Detection

Quickly find the root cause of any network & security failures with deep data granularity and suggestions for remedial action.

Automated analysis of user and network behaviour for recognition of advanced threats and operational issues.

Flowmon Named Technology Leader in Network Detection and Response

Released in 2022, the SPARK MatrixTM report conducted by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions provides market insights, competitive evaluation, and vendor rankings to better understand the capabilities of different solutions in the network detection and response (NDR) market. In Customer Impact and Technology Excellence they awarded Flowmon's NDR the highest ranking of Technology Leader.

For further details on Flowmon, download the data sheet below or contact us to arrange a demo

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