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WhatsUp Gold Subscription Model

Why Subscription Model

WhatsUp Gold’s subscription model provides a cost-effective means of software access, minimising your initial investment.

By subscribing to the service, you guarantee access to the most up-to-date version of the software, complete with essential security updates. This ensures your protection against vulnerabilities, bugs and compatibility concerns associated with older software versions.

Additionally, the subscription package encompasses continuous maintenance and dedicated customer support, assuring you that any potential issues will be swiftly addressed, granting you peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Subscription For You:


  • Monitor up to 10 Devices

  • Key WhatsUp Gold features

  • Renewable 12-month licence for free

  • Ability to upgrade when requirements exceed 10 devices


  • All capabilities from the Business subscription

  • Scalability Pollers

  • Distributed Mode

  • Log Management

  • Application Monitoring

  • Virtualisation Monitoring

  • High Availability

  • 24/5 Phone and Email Support

  • Annual Health Check

  • Access Online Training 


  • Highly rated Technical Support

  • Ability to scale beyond 10 devices

  • Monitor up to 1,000 devices

  • Automatic Discovery & Topology Maps

  • 10/5 Email Support

Enterprise Plus

  • All capabilities from the Enterprise subscription

  • Configuration Management

  • Network Traffic Analysis

  • Bi-Annual Health Check

  • Upgrade Services

  • Multiple Installations of WhatsUp Gold

To download the WhatsUp gold Subscription Model Data Sheet for more details, please click on the download button below

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